Monday, April 4, 2011

Life has been a bit crazed lately

So lots of new things have happened since I have written to you all. I moved, had a ton of medical problems with myself and my oldest son, and so many other crazy things. First I am scared out of my mind trying to not show it in front of my family and my kids. My oldest son has been showing signs that he has been having seizures. Luckily he did it while we were in the doctors office which is rare to happen, usually the kid is fine once we get to the doctor or wont do whatever it is you try to tell the doctor he is doing. Well back to what he does, he zones out completely and goes cross-eyed at the same time, he is also showing signs of colorblindness and ADD. If any of your kids have these symptoms would you let me know what you have found out about it? He has an EEG and a eye doctor appointment set but of course they make them over a month away.
Another medical craziness that scares me, again it is about my older son. He was WALKING being a good listener which is weird for him and then splat he slips and slams his face into the cement by the pool. His mouth was bleeding huge disaster my poor baby had a huge scrape on his chin but then his front tooth started turning grey so I took him to the doctor and they said it is normal for a kid who has an injury like that but made him a dentist appointment, which is also over a month away, but said there wont be anything he can really do for it but to get him checked out anyways. Well I just feel terrible that he has to have a grey tooth until it falls out for his adult teeth. Again if any of you have been through that as well please let me know and calm my nerves. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am back! Yamaclaus

I just received an order for yamaclauses and started making them again! I am very excited about this! I am cranking them out but i am sorry the prices for the fabric has gone up to i have to raise the price to $5.00 each which is not a huge price.You can purchase them on my Etsy account
But if you have a special order (I can do them in other colors and I also make an elf version) feel free to email me at also if you would like a large order email me first to make sure I have enough time to make them.

(updated 10-21-2011)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why is it people seem to want to fix everyone else's lives while their own is a mess! Why should people listen to your advice when it isnt even good enough for you? I am all for getting wise council from people who admit their lives are not perfect and are not accusing but caring. I mean if someone comes up to give you marriage advice who has been married 5 times I dont think you should take it. :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

live... laugh... love

life has taken a turn for bad... but i have to choose to live laugh and love. As now i am a single mom of two kids and my bank account keeps getting drained before i can get to the bank... i literally have nothing. but i think it is in the broken times that you find who you truly are. Yes i break down and cry and i think that is healthy and ok. I cannot pretend that life is peachy but i can choose to live in joy and choose to laugh at all of the situations in life that i can. I am not sitting around and moping i am finding things to fill my time and people to surround myself with. I have two beautiful boys that make me so happy and they love me unconditionally and i love eternally. I have learned who my true friends are through the situation as well. They called the cops for me 2 times to make sure i was safe and have surrounded me with protection. i do not want to get too in depth into what is going on but it is very bad and hard and trust me i am very proud of myself (as bad as that sounds) for how i have handled everything in this!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sorry it has been a while

life has gotten a bit rough but i am a fighter and i will survive! A lot of crud has gone down the last few days and lets just say there is no man living in my house right now. I have amazing neighbors and friends that are helping me and showing me tons of love and support. More then half of the friends left today to go out to sea! (as you know i live in navy housing) If any of you are reading this i miss you all and cant wait for you to get back and have a kick butt party for you all when you come home. Emotions keep flying past me and i cant seem to be able to be able to read them. i think i need some time to figure things out... like how the rest of my life is going to look. i have a lot of choices but the path i was on is NOT the one i want for the rest of my life. Pray i find the right path..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What would you do?

If you came home at 6:00 in the morning and your kids were playing in the street ALONE (1 and 2 years old) Well that is what happened to me a couple days ago.... I had a babysitter watching them from 5:20 am to a little after 6:00am. The babysitter was sleeping when I went inside and my oldest son (2 and a half) had gone upstairs and gotten my youngest out of his bed (i know because the light was on and the door was open which my one year old can not do. Also the babygates were all torn down (all 3 of them) which only my oldest can do went down to the garage opened the door (which is really loud) and went outside. They also freak out when they wake up so i know they were crying. How the babysitter did not wake up to any of that is beyond me!
Well needless to say i was TERRIFIED! they could have been hit by a car, abducted, CPS could have been called.
I went and talked to my neighbors and asked if they saw them outside and one said he left for work at 6am and they were not out there at that time so it had to of only been a few minutes that they were out there but that is still scary that she didnt hear it and things can happen in the blink of an eye!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brother Julian

My oldest sibling! he is a year and nine months older than me. His the kind of guy that when he says something it is usually funny because he said it! He is a great road trip buddy because he isnt obnoxious and has a good taste in music (and he let me play beauty and the beast, be our guest, until we had it memorized) We drove from San Diego, California to Pensacola, Florida together in 3 days and we had a blast!!!! He protected me when we were in New Orleans from the crazies and he drove when I got tired, and he made me eat when i drank too much... (he is single, any takers? hehe)
He has lots of friends and loves to have a good time! He has an interesting taste in movies and TV shows and has an encyclopedia of movie quotes in his noggin and usually wins any games having to do with such. 
He has been working the same job for 7 years and is 22 that is pretty darn good! He loves to snowboard and is getting pretty good at it!
The Picture on the right is us in Mexico when i was 17 (i am not in the pic) and the worker took my beer away and gave it to Julian so he was double fisting the beers :)
 He doesnt know how to show excitement very well but he does get excited! He has his own inner way of showing it and you know that he is happy about things but he is a generally happy person and a joy to be around!