Monday, August 10, 2009

Love... a choice?


Is a choice! Even when things get EXTREMELY hard you can choose to love your spouse. My husband and I have been through a TON in the 2 years we have been married.
You must, however, realize it is not letting the other person walk all over you! It is about not stooping to the level of the other person when acting stupid. As humans we ALL make mistakes, but that cannot be our excuse for making them. We must apologize for what we do and not expect other person to forgive, but you have to know they will never FORGET! Dint expect them to.
Earning trust back is another hard thing to do, but not being able to trust the other person is even harder. It is easy to get mad at the other person for not trusting you but remember that you are truly mad at yourself! Remember be tough on yourself and tender to your spouse.
You also shouldn't hold what your spouse does over their heads, it will cause both of you to resent each other.
I STRONGLY suggest doing the Love Dare to your spouse even if things are going well, but especially if you are finding it hard to do anything for or with them. It really helps you look at your relationship from a different view. The Love Dare is from the hit movie Fireproof, you Can buy the book at target or walmart or you local bookstore. You don't have to be a Christian to do it, it is the concept of all of the things in the book, they apply to all marriages. It is about true love! the purest form of love!
there however are things a spouse can do where even biblicaly it is OK to divorce such as adultery. but that also doesn't mean you cant make it work. but it is between the two of you no one else can tell you what to do.
Also you can't fall out of love! since you never fell into it to begin with. yes lust you can fall out of and that's when REAL love comes in! If love was easy we wouldn't have the divorce rate we have, you need to work at it.

Don't be another statistic when you don't have to be. You choose to love.

Animal Testing

I have very mixed feelings toward this. I personally believe a human life is more valuable than an animals life, but i don't think we should do cruel things to them. But we wouldn't have the medicines to save lives that we have now if it weren't for using them on animals. I do not personally believe in animal testing for cosmetic reasons. This leads me to another what about practicing medical procedures, tattoos, or just dissecting in an anatomy class on animals?

I personally don't know what to think about these issues but i always found it a little unnerving the killing of animals for our own purposes. How many kids truly care about dissecting animals and will use it in a positive way? How many make a joke out of it? If the animal died of natural causes and you are using the information learned to help aid in saving other animals or learning what it died from that is different.

America; Nosy, Bossy, or Helpful?

We go to other countries with force wanting to change their ways. But what happens when we pull out of those countries? Will we always be there? Did we just dig ourselves a deep hole? How would we feel if another country came in here telling us we need to stop killing babies and blow up all of our abortion clinics or stop divorces or stop animal testing. They came in with their army killing people and we would definitely fight back! Don't you think? What are your opinions?

I personally think this is a great country but no country is perfect we are following men and no man is perfect and nothing they have made lasts forever.

Assisted Scuicide

Should it be legal?
I am very torn on the issue. If the person has a terminal illness and is in so much pain that they have to be knocked out in order to not feel the pain where their family has to watch them suffer the rest of their life. In this case when they will dies within Weeks but just don't want to suffer anymore should life insurance be affected by this?
On the flip side people have miraculously recovered even from illnesses that are supposed to be "terminal" when all hope seams to be lost. So how would they KNOW the person will die or recover? where is the line? should it be their choice? what do you guys think?
Part of me wants to say it is OK.