Monday, November 30, 2009

Money Issues

The issue isn't that we don't have money, it just is not in our hands right now! We just made a VERY long trip with our 9 month old and 2 year old from Florida to California. We drove the whole way and the kids were FABULOUS! i was so shocked at how great they did! So we are waiting for our reimbursement from the trip from the Navy, the people who do it have been on vacation so we have no choice but to wait. We also have been having problems with our old landlord, he acted completely fine until two days after he knew we were on the road. He then said that we didn't leave the house in perfect condition. When we moved in there, there were dents in the walls and the trees were a mess, the carpets were stained, the kitchen faucets was broken, the weed whacker was broken, the lawn mower had lots of issues, and the garage door never worked. We fixed or replaced everything (and even left him the brand new weed whacker.) the only thing we were unable to fix was the garage door. It was a huge pain because it POURS in Florida and i had two kids by myself i would have to get into the house so i would have to get out of the car open the garage door by hand, and i am a weakling so it took a while, and close it in the pouring rain! If you don't live in the south you wouldn't understand this rain it was so bad that you can't see through the windshield with the wipers on full blast, as soon as you step out of the car you look like you were dunked in a pool. The hardest part is that it could look completely sunny, you go into a store and come out and it is pouring! Ok, i know i got way off track.
Anyways he is saying that we did all of the damage that was already there and I would understand if he wanted to get the carpets cleaned or paint the walls, But he is wanting to charge us for the garage door which he knew didn't work and kept saying he would come and fix, and for "cleaning" by the way he is doing all of this himself and is saying he wants to charge us for what someone would charge! HE also does not want to give us our prorated rent because we "broke" our lease. We are a military family who gave him 30+ days notice and had to move! I know we eventually "should" get the money back through the legal system but who knows when that will be. But that is $1500 of our money that he has not including the amount it should cost to get the carpets cleaned and walls painted.

I just had to write this to vent. But thank you if you did read this. If you have any advice please I am all ears... or eyes.

Also take a look at the yamaclauses I have had many happy customers! a package is going out today! Thank you to all of you who have purchased them and I hope you have a Merry Christmukkah

What is the point in the negative thinking?

In almost every person i know i have heard them moan and groan about their job and how they wish they could quit! I HAVE THE PERFECT THING TO SAY TO THEM NOW! "Do it then!" They usually respond (after a lonnnng pause) "I can't"
"Well, why not. If you are that miserable and you don't enjoy it then why stay?"
"Then i will be out of work and wont be able to find another job."
"So what you are saying is that if you quit you wont be able to find a better job? Well then doesn't that mean you have the best job that is attainable right now?? Why are you complaining, you should be thrilled!"

It stumps them... you should try it! It is a different way of thinking about things that will blow you mind! People need to stop focusing on all of the negative things going on in the world. The news rarely had happy stories! When is the front page of a magazine about GOOD things? We should all celebrate what we have, and share them with others who are feeling down! We need to encourage and support and show those who we love that we are there for them! we need to love those who are hard to love and also in doing so love ourselves! You will see the more you help others the more it will build you up (as long as you do it with a joyful heart!!! )

PS. The yamaclauses are selling great on here i will post another blog about it if you want to place an order just know if i do not have them already made it can take a couple of days to make them! but they are on the next page of blogs! I am having a lot of fun making them for you and the money is really helping! I will write a blog later about money difficulty but i am still thinking positive and know that everything will work out!

Thank you for reading! Also, remember to think positive and tell 3 different people how something you appreciate about them today! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


I do not know a single person that Honestly does not feel any guil or shame, especially moms. I deal with it daily. I should not have fed him that? Why did i yell at him? I shouldn't need me time!
The truth is we put way too much time and effort into feeling guilty that is stresses everyone out and gives you more to feel guilty for. I am reading a great book called "The Guilt That Keeps on Giving." The author asks a question that sounds so simple but when you try to answer it, it is so hard. "What do you NOT feel guilty for?" hmmm... i put the book down, could it really be that hard to answer? We think so negatively bout ourselves that it becomes so hard to think of just a couple things we do right. I went on in the book and gave a few examples which made it a LITTLE easier to think of my own. Here is my list... it took a long time to come up with them and i copied a few from the book.
1. Making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my boys
2. Letting my son splash in the bathtub
3. dancing with my boys everyday!
4. Singing my son to sleep
5. reading to my boys
6. Praying with them and taking them to church
7. taking me time when i am feeling over stressed
8. giving my boys vitamins every day
9. being so close to my family
10. watching the same kid movies over and over
11. playing with play dough wish my oldest
12. baking for my family
13. date nights with my hubby

those are what i could think of right now.

You try it. post the things you do not feel guilty for in the comments. and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I love My Bissell Little Green Machine! Having three boys in my house it has gotten blood, wine, jelly, mud, juice, and many other things out of my carpet. It is SO worth the money! Mmmm it is a sad day when there is no milk in the fridge. I love milk, i think it is because of my dad, when i was little he would make me drink a glass of milk at every meal, now it feels weird not to. We go through a lot of milk in my house. Another favorite of mine is PLAY DOUGH! ahh i love the feeling squishing it in my hands and creating things. If i mess up i can start over. Te smell is so good too, just brings me back to being a kid and playing with my friend Stephanie every time i smell it.
Scarves!!! It is the only reason i like the cold! I get to layer and wear big fluffy scarves! :) In the summer i like the light little scarves you wear on you head or around you neck which brings me back to my moms convertible.

For more of my favorite things check out my youtube i will be posting it later today

Saturday, November 7, 2009

follow your dreams

Why do people see beauty school as lower than going to college. If it is ones passion and dream then let them have it! It is hard yet fun. If you enjoy what you are doing you will never work a day in your life. I love the idea of making people express their true beauty and giving them the confidence that is buried down inside of them. Hair, skin, nails it helps people whether you believe it or not they are things millions of women take care of every day. What is wrong with bringing joy to people. I know so many young women who hid that they were going to beauty school, they shouldn't have to do this. So if anyone in your life has chosen that rout please support them because those are their goals and dreams, Do not instill your own on them.
Whatever your dream is GO FOR IT! any realistic dream can be a goal, you CAN accomplish them. Don't put them away for others or because you are embarrassed or think you can't or it isn't important because any dream is very important. Meet people that are going in that same direction, 6 degrees of separation truly exists, there are countless connections out there! If you want to be an artist go to conventions there are plenty of people wanting apprentices and would love to see your work, if you want to be a doctor talk to one ask what you should start with and take a position n the hospital to help. If you want to be a model there are so many connections but BE CAREFUL! Talent hunter is a great website that gets you connected and shows you where try outs are for modeling, acting, singing, or if you want to be a movie extra, sometimes they even ask for crew members for backstage. Just go for your dreams.
If you feel like you are headed in the opposite direction from your dreams and you have one down the wrong path it may be just the right path to make your dreams a reality. Kandee (a makeup artist her blog is said something amazing, Shattered glass shines so much brighter then a sheet of glass. It is sooo true, you can see someone who has triumphed over their past and has been broken down you see so much more coming from them. Just remember your troubles and sorrows are all part of you and use them when people need someone who has been through what they are experiencing.