Monday, April 4, 2011

Life has been a bit crazed lately

So lots of new things have happened since I have written to you all. I moved, had a ton of medical problems with myself and my oldest son, and so many other crazy things. First I am scared out of my mind trying to not show it in front of my family and my kids. My oldest son has been showing signs that he has been having seizures. Luckily he did it while we were in the doctors office which is rare to happen, usually the kid is fine once we get to the doctor or wont do whatever it is you try to tell the doctor he is doing. Well back to what he does, he zones out completely and goes cross-eyed at the same time, he is also showing signs of colorblindness and ADD. If any of your kids have these symptoms would you let me know what you have found out about it? He has an EEG and a eye doctor appointment set but of course they make them over a month away.
Another medical craziness that scares me, again it is about my older son. He was WALKING being a good listener which is weird for him and then splat he slips and slams his face into the cement by the pool. His mouth was bleeding huge disaster my poor baby had a huge scrape on his chin but then his front tooth started turning grey so I took him to the doctor and they said it is normal for a kid who has an injury like that but made him a dentist appointment, which is also over a month away, but said there wont be anything he can really do for it but to get him checked out anyways. Well I just feel terrible that he has to have a grey tooth until it falls out for his adult teeth. Again if any of you have been through that as well please let me know and calm my nerves. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am back! Yamaclaus

I just received an order for yamaclauses and started making them again! I am very excited about this! I am cranking them out but i am sorry the prices for the fabric has gone up to i have to raise the price to $5.00 each which is not a huge price.You can purchase them on my Etsy account
But if you have a special order (I can do them in other colors and I also make an elf version) feel free to email me at also if you would like a large order email me first to make sure I have enough time to make them.

(updated 10-21-2011)