Friday, February 19, 2010

i am so excited

i just finished the designs for my new chair! not the company i am working with is making a mock up and as soon as i approve it they will get to work on the real thing!!!! I am sooo excited you have no clue! They are called peek-a-boo pumps and they are going to be a big hit i can already tell. I have a store that already wants to sell them and i am sure i can get more when i start putting the word out there. The girl i am working with is the original one who sold the high heel chairs to Charolette Rouge and these are way better. I found a way to make them more sturdy and have 3 HIDDEN shelves in them for all your goodies you don't want people to see! Mine is going to be burgundy and tan to match my room and we are making them out of velvet and you can choose your color (some cost more than others especially if you want it to be a pattern) if you are a follower on my blog you will receive a special discount! I am still trying to figure out the cost, i am so bad with that. I am too easy going but my husband will help balance me out :)
Thank you so much