Thursday, October 15, 2009

teen pregnancy

I know my tan lines are hot huh? i was 17 when this picture was taken. i may look happy but i was scared to death! was i going to be a good mom? i was so young and wasn't even done with high school when i became pregnant. i graduated from charter school and walked in my ceremony. i became a mom the second two lines appeared on 3 sticks. i had another person to think about.
1 in 3 girls are getting pregnant before they are 20 years old. if you make the choice to have sex when you are a teen you need to face the consequences. Over 250,000 recorded abortions took place to teens last year alone. It may seem like the easy way out at the time but the torment it will cause for years to come in your heart and mind will always eat away at you along with the physical complications which are extremely likely could cause infection, infertility, and even in some cases death. Yes you may feel the pressure and need to please your significant other at t he time and yes it is always different with this one, it wont happen to you, and you will get married. Of course this is not the case. yes you ma not gt pregnant, you may get married but it isn't for sure. don't mess around with things you aren't ready to handle. You don't get into a plane without knowing it has he possibility to crash, you are way more likely to get pregnant having "safe" sex then die in a plane crash so be even more prepared. have a plan,if you aren't a Strong enough couple to talk about a child bearing plan then you aren't ready to have sex! i was a teen mom! i chose life and am not with my baby's bio dad. he doesn't ever see his child. he would like to blame me for that but it really is all on him. i gave him plenty of chances and all he gave me were excuses. just BE CAREFUL guard your heart and body and have a plan. your body getting "ruined" and not wanting to tel your parents are not reasons to kill a baby yes think about t that child has a chance of becoming a human, f you don't interfere they will develop and eventually come out into this world and be are all living breathing human ho grows up to have a job and children of their own. you will forever e connected whether you raise them or you choose the adoption rout thee is always a bond. Also the guy is not a deciding factor in this, him asking YOU to have an abortion, is wrong, he doesn't have o deal with the emotional and physical problems the girl does it is completely selfish of him in every angle. he guy isn't as connected as you to the baby either (even in a married relationship) he will never know what it is like to have a person growing inside of him. Carrying and caring for a life is he greatest gift you can ever have! i feel really bad for those who cant.