Sunday, March 14, 2010

What i did to get back into my pre preggo pants!

It is NOT easy and it had a lot of aspects to it. starting a few days after my second child, I wore a girdle! I know flattering huh!? but your body is doing a lot of the work on its own (especially if you are breast feeding) I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy and for the baby to be healthy you only need to gain about 25 lbs depending on how much you already weighed. After 6 weeks of laying around and recovering from my labor and delivery I was sick of the way i looked and wanted to feel and look better, So i took up Pole aerobics classes and they were fun and such a GOOD workout! I saw results after the second week, not just in appearance, but also in my attitude. My husband was in boot camp and I wanted to look amazing when i went to his graduation. i knew i wouldn't be perfect (this was a year ago) but i made it to a size 5! So between the girdle, eating right, The Wii Fit, and the pole aerobics classes I made it to my goal weight! i know i was not way out of the realm of healthy weight (i did not want to go back down to my pre pregnancy weight but i wanted to fit into some of my clothes, i was 108 lbs when i go pregnant) so i was at 168 and wanted to be around 125. I am now at 120 but it took WORK this time! I have always had a small build and when i gain weight it goes to all the wrong places. I am very happy with my look right now and proud of all of the work i did to get here.