Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

My oldest son says the funniest thins! he is 2 and a half and the things that come out of his mind shock me everyday! we were praying at the dinner table and for the first time he wanted to pray without help. he starts "Dear Beasty Jesus, family, friend, baby Liam, food, AMEN!" oh my gosh i was cracking up! First of all i dont say "dear baby Jesus" when i start i just say "dear Jesus" and second BEASTY is that what he thinks they are saying at church? haha oh my gosh i couldnt stop laughing! everything has been a "beast" lately, and they are not a scary thing for him so i dont know what they are to him.
Also he started saying Crap and Damn it! UHOH! I when we are driving a person in another car does something dumb he says "FRICKIT CAR!" thats all on daddy! but oh gosh kids repeat EVERYTHING! i have to watch my damn it's and daddy needs to watch most everything he says! lol
do you have any funny stories about your kids and things they say!?