Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are People Impatient

Nothing is fast enough, the freeways, red lights, school, work, waiting rooms, commercials (even when fast forwarding them), cooking our food, loading a web page, time, the list goes on and on.
The funny thing is most of the things took even longer long ago. We now have microwaves for our food, the funny thing is we still take the food out a few seconds before the beep, then instead of letting it sit the minute or two we eat it and burn ourselves because we couldn't get it fast enough. The speed limit gets raised but we still see how much we can push the limit to get to our destination a few minutes earlier. We see a light turning yellow and floor it so we wont have to wait at a red light. We used to sit there while our dial up Internet would take sometimes minutes to pull up a web page, now if it takes 10 seconds it isn't fast enough. We are wanting it all and we want it NOW! I am definitely guilty of this. Yesterday I had the thought for this blog because I myself took my food out of the microwave two seconds before it was done, i couldn't wait those two extra seconds out of the minutes i was saving from using the microwave instead of the stove for my quesadilla? It was pretty silly of me. Do you have any other examples?

Pheromone Cologne

I have the most wonderful perfume that i bought at X's and O's lingerie and gift boutique in Escondido California! it is a pheromone perfume and it WORKS! haha my husband always is all over me anyways haha but he put it on a few times without telling me to test it and all of those days i was all over him :) so i suggest all you married couples get some. It brings out your natural sent, if you and some friends all put it on in 20 minutes you will all smell different it is so weird! It is amazing!their website is I don't know if they have it up but you can write them i believe it is $16.99. Or you can go in and check out all of their inventory! their address is 156 West Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025. It is owned by an amazing couple, They do not sell pornography they sell things that are meant to be used together! If you know what I mean! They also sell Tons of Halloween costumes in all adult sizes! If any of you get the pheromone cologne let me know how it works for you!

Is America Gving Up!

In our lives what we start out loving we end up leaving. We get so excited, our dream job calls us back, we scored an interview. You go and nail it! You got the job! A year later you are extremely miserable. The guy next to you breaths to loud. An obnoxious lady always eats the stinkiest things in the lunch room, your boss (who happens to look like a star wars creature... most likely jabba) is constantly hitting on you in subtle ways. The receptionist has the worst breath and the walls are closing in on you. The once beautiful thing when all of these didn't bother you, some of them were even, in a strange way, you liked the odd quirks!
We buy a house, a fixer upper that you think is FABULOUS! You got a great deal on it and it will cost less to do the work! You start doing the work yourself, you are loving it! you get to choose all of the aspects of the house, the carpet, the tiles, the wall color and texture, the counters and cupboards and maybe even adding in a couple of adjustments like a sunroof, some ceiling fans, a bar from the kitchen to the dining room and it will all be amazing! A month goes by, you are frustrated and complaining about all of the work you are doing and all that you have to do still. It seams like a never ending project. The thing that you were loving turned out to be your worst nightmare. You give up and hire someone, yet complain the whole time at how they aren't doing it the way you would.
We get into a relationship, butterflies seam to have taken up permanent residence in your mid section. You long to see them. Everything about them is perfect, the way they look, the way they eat, the way they breath, the way they smell, the kiss, the hugs, holding hands makes you giddy, when your phone rings your heart leaps hoping for that one name to be on the caller ID! You are so in love, some minor fights but nothing serious, you work perfect together. He pops the question she says YES! The planning starts. The big day finally gets there and everything is beautiful and wonderful! A month or two after you start your journey together the breathing is too loud, the chewing is repulsing, he smells terrible after he gets home, her breath stinks in the mornings, That's what they really look like under all of that makeup? The butterflies haven't been seen in a weak. A couple years later you are sleeping as far apart from each other as you can in the bed, your pray they aren't the one calling you, what are they going to ask of me now? Soon the D word gets thrown around more and more. then it become serious! someone gets the papers, out of hurt and anger the other signs and then it is over!

We need to realize there are positives and negatives to everything! We can't just give up on everything we don't like or bothers us!

any thoughts?

Puppy Love

Is amazing! As a military wife i get to feel it often. When he is gone and I get to see him again, right before i am going to see him I get those butterflies and the kiss is like the first one all over again. I long to hold his hand and it makes me happy knowing he feels the same. Anticipating seeing my face. I get all dolled up (as if he doesn't know what I look like in the morning.) The next couple of days are like the first months. That longing feeling is something I never want to go away. But it does. We become human again, we argue we fight, we make up. We have bad breath in the morning and smell after we work out. We get irritated and make messes and say stupid things. But we love each other.
I think it is the puppy part of love is what starts the glue binding, it gets us hooked. We just need to work at not letting the glue wear off and need to keep adding to it! We need to work at these relationships! I want out statistics to go more in our favor. Things get hard TOUGH everything gets hard! we have this mentality that when things aren't going OUR way then we can just leave it and start over with something new. That's going to be the next blog!

Happy Reading!

Chat Rooms

What is an appropriate age from a page like facebook or myspace. I got one when I was fifteen but my mom had my sign in and password, i hated it because she thinks its fun to read EVERYTHING and comment on it all. It is hard to feel privacy or for your friends to say anything somewhat personal to you, which a parent really wouldn't care but the friend does. But it is ok and it is the right of the parent to monitor things that are going on in their roof. even for them just knowing that you have access will help them think before they do silly things. This is something my mom and step dad did very well they knew the dangers we were too blind (as children) to see. They knew the people on there are very good at making everything seem ok and glamorous. The people on there seem amazing and perfect and trap you. My mom put a program on all of our computers so that if certain words come up or certain web pages were looked at she would get an alert. She respected when we told her not to read an email because our friends said something personal about themselves that they didn't want others to know.
Doing things you wouldn't normally is easy to do over the Internet because of the distance between you. There is lots of cyber going on from the class presidents, A students, and even the "church girls." On the computer they feel it isn't really them and the person doesn't know who everyone else sees. You can be whoever you want! Now with digital cameras you can take whatever pics you want just upload them onto the computer and then delete, most laptops have cameras built into them, its easy and easy to cover up!
A lot of girls, i believe, in this second life generation are two different people. The one society sees and their cyberself.
Girls just be careful especially if you don't know the guy on the receiving end. Most times the don't actually care about a cyber relationship so don't just assume you are the exception because he has a life outside of the Internet just like you. There are real girls around him and real friends. Guys can compartmentalize they can have a "Cyber Girl" box and a "Girlfriend" box or a "Dating box" and when dipping in a different box don't even think of the other boxes. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THE INTERNET! It is so easy to say what you think the other person will want to hear especially in writing! And as girls it is easy to be swooned by these things that guys say.
I suggest for a mom the rule should be no friends on the Internet you don't know in real life and talk face to face.

Should all jobs allow men to take paternity leave

I believe so. It is very difficult as a new mom, in pain and exhausted to get the rest you need and care for the new little bundle of joy. Fathers also need that bonding time, women have an automatic maternal instinct men have to work for it, that is why there are so many more fathers that leave the families to "start over" then mothers. It is also why mothers usually have the majority custody in divorce. I am glad they give military men paternity leave because many tie they will become disconnected from their kids and they need all of the bonding they can get. I believe it should be this way in the mainstream work, all men need it.
I can't even begin to explain how much the mother needs someone there to help and it is best if it is the father. The way society is now that women work and share the same responsibilities as men in this world so why should only the woman care for the new child? Especially after all of the work they just did, the nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor (whether or not she had an epidural it still hurts.) Please listen to her and help her it is a very emotional time.