Friday, October 16, 2009

sex,drugs, and violence in video games.

it is bad enough for kids to be watching it but actively engaging in it through video games. I've seen kid as young as 7 paying Grand Theft Auto pulling prostitutes in the back of their cars and shooting down cops. its crazy how people are shocked by the rise of violence in school and drugs in Jr highs and sex with kids still in ELEMENTARY school. there were THREE pregnant girls in my small Jr high i doubt they were the only 7th and 8th graders having sex. The cops were at my school almost every day as crowds gather around kids beating on each other.
When i was younger i love playing, donkey Kong, Mario brothers, tetras, and Zelda. I know some of these have violence towards evil creatures but the games today have violence toward other humans and we are the bad guy! its crazy.

San Diego

We are being stationed back in San Diego next month. This means i get to go back to school taking GE classes and finish Cosmo school. I get to finish something for me. the last three years i have cast so many things for myself aside for my family but i feel it is time that i can do both. I'm house hunting right now so many good choices! i am excited to be living in the same place for 3 and a half years getting to make it feel a little more like home, decorate my kitchen the way i want be able to buy furniture without feeling like a waste because we will only be there for a few months. It feels so wonderful knowing we have a paycheck. my family all lives there and i have never missed our annual Christmas party and i was afraid this was going to b the first year i wouldn't be there. hey i get to use my zoo passes i bought in April!

just happy :)