Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sorry it has been a while

life has gotten a bit rough but i am a fighter and i will survive! A lot of crud has gone down the last few days and lets just say there is no man living in my house right now. I have amazing neighbors and friends that are helping me and showing me tons of love and support. More then half of the friends left today to go out to sea! (as you know i live in navy housing) If any of you are reading this i miss you all and cant wait for you to get back and have a kick butt party for you all when you come home. Emotions keep flying past me and i cant seem to be able to be able to read them. i think i need some time to figure things out... like how the rest of my life is going to look. i have a lot of choices but the path i was on is NOT the one i want for the rest of my life. Pray i find the right path..