Thursday, August 27, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are trapped in a box unable to get out. It is hard to breath or move. You are watching you own life go by unable to interfere. You watch yours3lf make decisions that you never thought you would. You are screaming at yourself for your complete disregard for your morals ad beliefs. You don't know how you got here. Why are you doing these things?
Your life has flown by with no input from you. Your stuck. You don't know how to change it. How to get out. How to become the person you know and love. There is a stranger who has take over your body, threw you in the box, and locked it. I recently escaped from my box. I felt through my childhood and teen years that i was a stranger looking in. i did things i didn't want to do and told myself i never would. Gave up the rights to my morals and beliefs. I have taken them back, broken the chains and am now in charge. My morals, values, beliefs and thoughts are mine. I wont let that be taken from me ever again!
Keep your guard up don't wind up trapped.

Ring Ring Hello

I HATE IT When people are in a fight and super angry at each other. The gloves are off the issue is super heated about something really important, like the toilet paper being on the wrong we, and then the phone rings. They both look at the phone. The hand reaches for it and places it on their ear. Now comes the part I hate, they say in the sweetest voice, "hello.... oh how are you.... I am fine... No you didn't catch me at a bad time.... " All the while the other person is stomping their foot and you both are scowling ready to pounce as soon as they push the off button! So obnoxious!

leashes for children

I have one for my son. If i didn't then there would be no way i could let him out of his stroller anywhere. He twists all around if i try to hold his hand and i am afraid of dislocating his arm, he wont let me hold him, he runs off to whatever catches his attention and he is an adorable blond hair blue eye boy who loves talking to everyone and that scares me to death. I just feel so bad when people i don't even know come up to me and tell me how wrong it is to have him on his leash (which is the monkey one and he LOVES wearing it) He sees it and starts putting it on and hands me the "tail."
I know not every child needs one some like to stay with you and are shy and or cautious. If you child is like that you are lucky but mine is a little lightning bolt, and we all know those are fast and never strike the same place twice!
What do you think of children's leashes... cruel punishment or a useful safety feature?