Thursday, August 20, 2009

Body Modification

I think body modification is an expression of ones self. Just like coloring your hair to be more "you." Yes it is more extreme than that I completely agree but if someone if uncomfortable with the way thy look or they want to bring their inner self out I don't see anything wrong with that. I want plastic surgery, having two kids before i was 20 did quite a number on my body, my stomach butt look like i got a skin graph from a zebra, My boobs are much smaller and just not as flattering as they were before and I just want to be back to the way I was. The industry I am in is all about beauty and I don't feel comfortable being naked I try to so hard but it just isn't the way I feel on the inside, therefore I am getting surgery but only to look the way i did before because this isn't me. People stare at my stomach when I am in a bathing suit and it makes me even more uncomfortable. I am perfectly fine with plastic surgery, it was actually my dream job when i was younger.
Tattoos are amazing and piercings are awesome. My husband and I had gauges in our ears, we both took them out when he joined the military. I have a tattoo on my back and look forward to getting more! I have a Monroe and have also had my nose and my belly button pierced on the top and bottom. I think they are a beautiful expression of who you are! Your body is a part of who you are internally. I see it like putting makeup on it changes our appearance. I know many people see it as MUCH different and I completely respect that. The clothes we choose to wear and the accessories we choose all are an expression of self, bringing the inner self out. I see tattoos and piercings as accessories. That's my view whats yours?