Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Many more of us are insane then we know. the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We say we are going to work on a flaw or change something but we never have a plan to do it different. In fact you say that same line every time "I will try harder" or "I will figure out a way." We need to make a different plan to accomplish the task. God intention is OK bt it is only the beginning. Take initiative, get an accountability partner who you know will hold you to our word. Also quit lying to yourself,you wont step lying to others if yo cant even be honest with yourself.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

yip yip yip

ok so this has been bothering me the last lets see i think my mom got her dogs 10 or so years ago... ok well why do people get little annoying yipping dogs.. they don't even bark they do a high pitched whine at EVERYTHING! Well i thought i got away from it but y next door neighbors have 3!!! THREE!!!!!! All day and all night ear piercing yipping and yapping going on.. my kids cant sleep i cant sleep and we have 3 very cranky people in my house right now! 4 when my hubby is home! I a too nice to go over there especially since thy are partiers and always have very intimidating people over and i don't know i have heard horror stories of people jut going over and asking a neighbor something and they get found in pieces in the lake behind their house and we like on a lake... eek. should i call the humane society o give them a warning or what? They are always drunk with a bunch of people over. But i cant deal with a cranky mean 2 year old... AHHH Make it stop! If you cant control your dogs you shouldn't have the your neighbor deserve peace in ere own house

Thursday, September 24, 2009


my husband left today and i can tell this is going to be a really hard break. my older son Logan has been really sad and i am not far behind. tears have not been few in our house today. my license is still suspended which is sucky. i live in a strange land where i know no one. Logans birthday is tomorrow and we cant go out to do anything.
enough ranting

happy reading

Friday, September 18, 2009

Heart Problems

I am pretty sure we found the source of my heart problems! They started a couple of months after i started taking Yaz birth control pills and they now have a class action law suit against them for heart problems in young people due to them. I am really hoping this is the final answer because it makes sence and there is a solution! Sending my heart monitor back today and making a doctors appointmet! Fingers Crossed! It is just so frusterating when you know something is wrong with you but none of the doctors seem to know what to do about it. I mean if someone is complaining about chest pain you dont take months to do things about it. They said my age made them not very concerned.

Monday, September 14, 2009


My birthday is tomorrow, I turn 20 which is a weird number to turn. I mean I will no longer be a teenager but nothing else really happens. Oh well one more year until my husband (who is 22) and i can go dancing places where there aren't a ton of teenyboppers pretending to be over 21. It doesn't feel like my birthday is tomorrow, I don't know what i am going to do or what i want... maybe another massage, a facial, or my hair did? i do want a Wii but i don't know how much mula is being sent to me for my bday :) ok so i know this is a random blog but so sue me it is mine!


What is with people that always have to be right

I am not talking about people just needing to be right (even though that is annoying too) but people who want everyone else to be wrong! Why is it that putting others down makes people feel like they are above them and high and mighty. Even if they do not disagree with you they have to make you appear and feel wrong. The more you try to agree with them the more they switch things around. They are manipulators and self righteous people. The thing is a lot of the time they are manipulating themselves without knowing it so they don't even realize what they are doing thinking they are level headed and non manipulative. There is no arguing with them because to them it is a game. There are also no serious discussions because things will never go your way. They know just how to push your buttons and make you want to argue. They know the topics you feel strongly about and will want to discuss, this is just another manipulating tactic. Just be careful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have tried the whole credit card thing... good thing i learned at an early age cash is the best way i budget my money. I can see it and know how much i have for each thing. I have separate envelopes for saving, water/trash, electric, gas for the car, car maintenance, furniture, car insurance, kids stuff, groceries, date night money, credit card payments, student loans, babysitting, vacation, gifts, tithing, and a few others. I don't look at it as a lump sum, say i have 2000 i don't see that number i see that i have 600 in vacation, 150 in electric, 100 in gifts and so on. No more spending on things i haven't thought about and don't actually have the money for.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here are some randoms about little ol' me!

1. I am clumsy
2. I do NOT know everything
3. I occasionally lie to get my way
4. I don't sing well
5. I am not quick to share my opinion to people i don't know well
6. I am a Christian
7. I am a little messy
8. I sometimes forget I put things in the oven
9. I have stolen
10. I sometimes am very slow to apologize
11. I sometimes yell at people
12. I love to write
13. I am a great listener
14. I love giving advice
15. I love anallising
16. My mind and heart hold many secrets for many different people
17. I don't drive the fanciest car
18. I love prom dresses and have a bunch I have never worn
19. the same goes for shoes... :)
20. I play music really loud and dance with the blinds open because i love making people laugh even if it is at my expense.
21. I am very good at entertaining myself
22. I enjoy doing things for others
23. I like making people feel welcome when others aren't
24. I like moving around
25. I like going to classes
26. I get bruises that many times i have no clue where they come from
27. I eat lucky charms almost every morning
28. I love sour skittles even though they destroy my mouth lol
29. I took pole dancing classes
30. I have 5 siblings (2 bros 3 sisters)
31. I want to be an oriental medical doctor
32. I am fluent in ASL
33. I hate running yet love to dance
34. Electric music makes me bust a move :)
35. I hate the smell of bananas
36. I experiment with my hair
37. I bite the heads off of teddy grahams...
38. I sometimes assume things from people and am often misunderstood
39. I have two beautiful little boys
40. I love onions, mushrooms, tomato soup, and shrimp... not together
41. I like meeting new people
42. Disney movies are amazing... accept Pinocchio that movie kinda freaked me out
43. I write my aggravations out in order to not take them out on people but the internet kinda messed that up...
44. The Tenth Kingdom and Tin Man are my favorite miniseries
45. I do not have cable.
46. I steal my internet from my neighbors
47. I want to join the military as a pilot
48. I have lots of stretchmarks
49. A girl at my school chopped all of my hair off last year

Lots about me but there is plenty more believe me!