Monday, September 14, 2009


My birthday is tomorrow, I turn 20 which is a weird number to turn. I mean I will no longer be a teenager but nothing else really happens. Oh well one more year until my husband (who is 22) and i can go dancing places where there aren't a ton of teenyboppers pretending to be over 21. It doesn't feel like my birthday is tomorrow, I don't know what i am going to do or what i want... maybe another massage, a facial, or my hair did? i do want a Wii but i don't know how much mula is being sent to me for my bday :) ok so i know this is a random blog but so sue me it is mine!


What is with people that always have to be right

I am not talking about people just needing to be right (even though that is annoying too) but people who want everyone else to be wrong! Why is it that putting others down makes people feel like they are above them and high and mighty. Even if they do not disagree with you they have to make you appear and feel wrong. The more you try to agree with them the more they switch things around. They are manipulators and self righteous people. The thing is a lot of the time they are manipulating themselves without knowing it so they don't even realize what they are doing thinking they are level headed and non manipulative. There is no arguing with them because to them it is a game. There are also no serious discussions because things will never go your way. They know just how to push your buttons and make you want to argue. They know the topics you feel strongly about and will want to discuss, this is just another manipulating tactic. Just be careful.