Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be Kind

There have been so many times I feel that little tug on my heart to say something to someone i do not know or give something to someone and i don't take it! I don't know why my fear gets the best of me because every time i have done it i feel so much better and i know that i made a little difference in the world. Of course i have had people look at me funny or just walk away from me but i know that i made a tiny impact. It is sad that people who help those that they do not know are considered weird and there must be something wrong with them. In California if you wave at someone (and you are not a little kid) you get funny looks. (that is not so much in small towns or the south when i lived there) but in big cities people have this view that they live in their own little bubble and everyone on the outside is below them. You never know who needs someone and it is worth it to go through a few people who don't need it and have bad attitudes to get to that one person who NEEDS it. The person who was thinking of ending their lives, someone who has no one to help them move (and happens to live right by you and you never knew) someone who needs a crib and you are done using yours. You will never know these things if you dont open up and talk to people.

be kind
say nice things to 5 strangers today!