Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fast Food

People who sue restaurants (fast food or otherwise) because they get fat or heart disease or high cholesterol. I don't think anyone was stuffing it down your throat! I think eating from those places is perfectly fine in moderation there is nothing wrong with splurging every now and then. Its the 3, 4, 5, 10 times a week people that have problems later on. It is so easy and cheap to go through the drive through and order off of the dollar menu. "two burgers, a large fry, an apple pie and an extra large DIET coke" that is how we justify it. We blame everything but ourselves for our problems. But they looked good, they had a special, they they they. Why don't we say i thought it looked delicious and wanted to buy it, it is my fault for my cholesterol, i shouldn't eat out that much!
Super size me made McDonald's look like the bad guy but they really aren't doing anything wrong. Yes they have high fat content and sodium. Their food is not nutritious but they aren't shoving pounds and pounds of it down your throat! You are not horrible for eating from these places but don't blame other people for your problems! It is possible to be addicted to food! There are clinics for people who have these types of addictions. Carbs are addicting and if you cut it out of slim it down in your diet you are very likely to crave it and have withdrawals from it. The same from sodas and chocolates. Drug addicts have to admit it is their fault and their choice we should start looking at our own addictions. If something comes to mind try cutting it out if you cant it is probably an addiction!

Opinions Are Not Facts!

Please don't judge other people for not doing things your way! Moms who decide not to breastfeed aren't evil horrible moms, formula has not been proven to cause any terrible things to babies.
STRETCHMARKS, so many people have different remedies and preventions for these evil things! I did them I did the gross things and still got them EVERYWHERE . I have them on my stomach, my chest, my sides, and my butt! I rubbed coco butter all over myself several times a day making myself oily and creamy and nasty and spent lots of money and I have them BAD! I am so sick of people saying you shoulda you coulda!
Punishing their kids a different way, some spank, some use timeouts, some pinch, some take things away, some send them to their rooms, some yell, all kids are different they need different discipline! what works for your kids doesn't always work for others kids.
ORGANIC, people are not bad for not eating all organic or feeding their kids all organic, it is an expensive hard choice to go all organic. Not everyone can afford it! Yes i feel better when eating more organic foods and non processed foods but they have not been PROVEN to expand your life.
Just please stop thinking you are doing it all right and others are doing it wrong. Different is not wrong.

Road Rage

We are driving down the road, we are in a hurry. We slow down at stop signs instead of stopping and looking, we cut people off and look at speed limits as suggestions. We are halfway to the destination moving at a good pace, you might just make it in time when suddenly someone CUTS YOU OFF! The words start flying out of your mouth, one (possible two) fingers get raised. We catch up with them riding their butt. We get to our destination and by this time are so heated our whole day is ruined! But how many days did you ruin? How many people did you cut off? How many accidents ALMOST happened because of YOU!? You may have been in a hurry but the person who cut you off might have been in an even bigger hurry, wife in labor in the seat, someone hurt on the way to the hospital. Choose to ignore it, we all have cut people off for our own selfish reasons why can't people cut us off? We get mad and wonder why others take it so hard when we cut them off or do something stupid while driving? Next time think.
Another thing, do you ever get mad when there is really bad traffic and people drive in the emergency lane? Well my friend was in labor and went to one hospital that does not accept her insurance so she had to RUSH to the next hospital but there was traffic and she was 6cm dilated! They started driving down the emergency lane, people got pissed some person pulled out in front of her and stopped so they couldnt go. The driver got out of the car ran up to them and explained what was going on ANGRY and the person felt like a jerk, which they were. So think! Don't end up in that situation.


In relationships it is very important to have a mutual respect and care for each other emotionally and physically. You should be able to talk to each other about boundaries, if not you don't know each other well enough to start dating. You need to stand up for yourself! If it helps write it out so you dint forget things, the way this should work is that you DO NOT COMPROMISE! You need to agree that the person who has the most strict boundaries is the one that you both follow! You do not compromise because that is not truly caring for yourself and that also is not respecting the other persons feeling about the subject. If the don't feel comfortable doing more then holding hands or kissing then that's as far as you go and you make it clear. If the other person tries to pressure you to do more that is NOT the relationship for you because they are not respecting your boundaries and caring for YOU, they are caring for their own WANTS! They are not needs and if someone tries to tell you "I have needs that you are not fulfilling," they are lying and being selfish. They have WANTS you are not fulfilling.
It is SO hard as a girl and I fell into that trap of longing to PLEASE him. You care for him so you go with his boundaries and what he wants and stop thinking about yourself and what you were comfortable with. You soon become numb to the things you are doing because you aren't doing them because you want them and you are ready for it. You then don't realize why that relationship isn't working and it is because there isn't respect on both sides, they don't respect you and you don't respect you! You become depressed and don't understand why. When the relationships fail you become devastated because you gave him so much of yourself.
When the next guy comes you would feel guilty to give him less then the guy before because you like the new one more so you slowly give more and more of yourself that you never wanted to give in the first place. But you are not doing it for you because YOU feel is right and how you imagined it would be it is for the guys that don't stick around forever. If the other ones didn't work out, what was the common factor? It was them being selfish and you not having self respect. We need to turn this around, realize our sexuality is our strength and if he really likes/loves us and cares for us he will understand it isn't just something we do it is something we feel and will keep with us the rest of our lives and unless he can guarantee he will be the one to marry you and isn't just wanting a good time he isn't ready for it either!
When you get married you will regret EVERYTHING you did with the guys not just the sex. Also GUYS you will regret it too and in the back of the girls mind no matter what you say she will always be a little hurt by it as well. ESPECIALLY if any of those people are still in your lives. Please be careful and respect yourself and if the other person doesn't respect you it isn't right!

Should girls ask boys out?

No, boys have very sensitive egos, even though they do not want girls to know about it. Boys long to be superior to us even though girls secretly have the upper hand. they can ask and put themselves out there but we hold the power to make it or break it. Our next words choose our fate for the next weeks, months years, possibly the rest of our lives (and/or theirs). Our lips that enthrall them, mystify them, are the one thing they cant control as much as they long to. We need to take that back, we need to think about things, just because a boy likes us doesn't mean they are worth a yes. A no will keep them coming, if they truly like you they will come back, and that's when you truly have the power. If they go on to the next girl he was never yours to begin with. If you were friends first and you know him and truly do like him a yes is OK. Any relationship should be built on friendship, if my husband and I did not have a solid foundation of friendship it would have been over before it began. Just guard your heart and let him ask you, drop hints and if he doesn't get it then he is too dense for you. Be smart! And don't push any boundaries that you are not comfortable with you also have the upper hand with that! But that's another blog.

Missed Connections

Have you ever read on craiglist the missconnections section. Some of them are pretty funny. I wonder how many people get reconnceted and work out from that section. Here are some headlines from it...
"Arety's Angel" <----- which is a strip club close by (this guy must be high class :)
"Hot Fireman" <------ arent we all haha
"To ALL the women at _____ ____ last night" <----- this guy isnt picky haha
"cute bald guy" <--- I don't know why that was funny
"met you at peg leg" <---- hmmm
"You were walking around the neighborhood" <----creepy
"You were mowing your lawn" <----- to this girl he was probably the one that kept driving by really slow in the van with no wondows in the back... same with the one before this haha.
They are mostly men, there is most likely a reaso the didnt talk to you when they had the chance haha! I wonder if anyone ever looked for me on here :)
I dont know if any of you watch one tree hill but these remind em of the guy that pretended to be peytons brother! i wouldnt respond (if i was single) unless i remember him as well and he was someone i wanted to remember.
Do you see any funny or creepy ones in your hometown.