Saturday, November 7, 2009

follow your dreams

Why do people see beauty school as lower than going to college. If it is ones passion and dream then let them have it! It is hard yet fun. If you enjoy what you are doing you will never work a day in your life. I love the idea of making people express their true beauty and giving them the confidence that is buried down inside of them. Hair, skin, nails it helps people whether you believe it or not they are things millions of women take care of every day. What is wrong with bringing joy to people. I know so many young women who hid that they were going to beauty school, they shouldn't have to do this. So if anyone in your life has chosen that rout please support them because those are their goals and dreams, Do not instill your own on them.
Whatever your dream is GO FOR IT! any realistic dream can be a goal, you CAN accomplish them. Don't put them away for others or because you are embarrassed or think you can't or it isn't important because any dream is very important. Meet people that are going in that same direction, 6 degrees of separation truly exists, there are countless connections out there! If you want to be an artist go to conventions there are plenty of people wanting apprentices and would love to see your work, if you want to be a doctor talk to one ask what you should start with and take a position n the hospital to help. If you want to be a model there are so many connections but BE CAREFUL! Talent hunter is a great website that gets you connected and shows you where try outs are for modeling, acting, singing, or if you want to be a movie extra, sometimes they even ask for crew members for backstage. Just go for your dreams.
If you feel like you are headed in the opposite direction from your dreams and you have one down the wrong path it may be just the right path to make your dreams a reality. Kandee (a makeup artist her blog is said something amazing, Shattered glass shines so much brighter then a sheet of glass. It is sooo true, you can see someone who has triumphed over their past and has been broken down you see so much more coming from them. Just remember your troubles and sorrows are all part of you and use them when people need someone who has been through what they are experiencing.