Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here are some randoms about little ol' me!

1. I am clumsy
2. I do NOT know everything
3. I occasionally lie to get my way
4. I don't sing well
5. I am not quick to share my opinion to people i don't know well
6. I am a Christian
7. I am a little messy
8. I sometimes forget I put things in the oven
9. I have stolen
10. I sometimes am very slow to apologize
11. I sometimes yell at people
12. I love to write
13. I am a great listener
14. I love giving advice
15. I love anallising
16. My mind and heart hold many secrets for many different people
17. I don't drive the fanciest car
18. I love prom dresses and have a bunch I have never worn
19. the same goes for shoes... :)
20. I play music really loud and dance with the blinds open because i love making people laugh even if it is at my expense.
21. I am very good at entertaining myself
22. I enjoy doing things for others
23. I like making people feel welcome when others aren't
24. I like moving around
25. I like going to classes
26. I get bruises that many times i have no clue where they come from
27. I eat lucky charms almost every morning
28. I love sour skittles even though they destroy my mouth lol
29. I took pole dancing classes
30. I have 5 siblings (2 bros 3 sisters)
31. I want to be an oriental medical doctor
32. I am fluent in ASL
33. I hate running yet love to dance
34. Electric music makes me bust a move :)
35. I hate the smell of bananas
36. I experiment with my hair
37. I bite the heads off of teddy grahams...
38. I sometimes assume things from people and am often misunderstood
39. I have two beautiful little boys
40. I love onions, mushrooms, tomato soup, and shrimp... not together
41. I like meeting new people
42. Disney movies are amazing... accept Pinocchio that movie kinda freaked me out
43. I write my aggravations out in order to not take them out on people but the internet kinda messed that up...
44. The Tenth Kingdom and Tin Man are my favorite miniseries
45. I do not have cable.
46. I steal my internet from my neighbors
47. I want to join the military as a pilot
48. I have lots of stretchmarks
49. A girl at my school chopped all of my hair off last year

Lots about me but there is plenty more believe me!