Friday, March 19, 2010

Man Steals Money From Girl Scout!?

This guy stole over 400 dollars from a girl scout who was selling cookies! What kind of person does thing! yes it is nice that someone gave her the amount she lost plus bought cookies for the troops and she was given a bunch of prizes, but that DOES NOT excuse the evil person who did this! I was a girl scout and i would sell cookies like crazy and get so excited for every sale, even though none of it went to me, but if someone steals something that comes out of the girl scout. She owes that money to the charity. The man who stole the money was cruel and it shows the evil in this world.
It is sad that women have to hide their diaper bags because of thieves and cant feel safe with their children playing right outside their homes and it is because of people like him!
i am sorry but this makes me really sad and mad!