Friday, August 14, 2009

Peer Pressure

Why do people feel the need to get people to do things they don't want to do. Is it the need to prove that you can make someone do it. Sometimes you get something out of it like pressuring someone to go further then they wanted to physically or getting someone to let you cheat off of their homework or test, but do you really feel good about it? What about getting someone to drink when they don't want to or smoking or driving faster, just getting people to do stupid things they don't want to do? Do you get a sense of self worth for this?
People, don't give into this! You are a stronger (MUCH STRONGER) and smarter person for sticking to what you think and know is right. Stay true to your morals and values. You have the right to choose for yourself on what is ok and not ok for YOU to do. Do not stoop to their level. You show you are a better person then them. Also it is much more fun to watch drunk people then it is to be drunk! Especially the next morning :)
So come on use the space between your ears!

The Most Annoying This About Going To The Store!

You get to the store, you are running behind schedule and you spot it! The perfect spot only a couple cars back in the lot. You go to pull in and then you see it! your face gets red! words slip out! Its wiry frame mocking you. The squeaky wheels ready to start rolling at the slightest tap, a breeze could possible roll it into the side of a $20,000 car. A SHOPPING CART IS SITTING THERE RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!
What the flip is up with that! Why cant people walk a few yards to put the cart away!?!? What is worse (like what happened to me the other day) is when you come out to your car and there is a cart up against your car with a HUGE scratch down the side of it! Thank goodness it is a surface scratch but it never would have happened if the person put it where it belongs! I ALWAYS put them away! It bugs me so much! If you are guilty of thins knock it off its potentially costing other people money getting scratches on their cars buffed out! Sorry just a little P.O.ed right now.GRR