Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yellow Sun Glasses

Some say i do not have mommy style, I wear funky colors and strange clothes every day. Here are some examples of my EVERYDAY clothes and i love every minute of it!
I love the converse i cried when they became unwearable.
Johna Feets, Johna Feets, Do the beats, with your Johna Feets!
My footsie PJ's (they glow in the dark!)
My Yellow Sun Glasses! <3
One of my favorite shirts (that i am wearing right now) that i made for the Pirates of the Caribbean midnight showing  as seen in the next picture which i am pregnant in! :)
I have so many other outfits and items that people say are not grown up but i think you should wear what you want and think looks good to you! If you want to wear polka dots and stripes GO FOR IT! If you are a good person and a wonderful mother it shouldnt matter what you are wearing on the outside (as long as it isnt vulger) then it is FINE! and all the power to you girl!