Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dont trust the protectors!

Seriously get out of the military if you don't care. the country is counting on you to be there and do your job to protect us! show up and do the job asked of you! I hate that people are just coming to the musters when they feel like it, not showing up for duty, getting out of everything they can, and are just acting lazy! It is not a free ride to go to school and then you don't owe them anything. You knew the military meant work. Those fools are bringing all of the people who want to be there down and are doing their work, like my husband! He is sitting in the galley eating because we were supposed to go to breakfast and then church but instead the SAME idiots didn't show up so now they have to muster every hour until they do. Fat chance... one guy leaves for 29 days then shows up on the 29th day because on the 30th day of being UA he would be kicked out. He just strolls back on like he owns the place on the 29th day. I am so sick of the lack of honor courage and commitment! Is this what our country has become? A bunch of self absorbed people who care nothing for the good of mankind. I know there are MANY amazing men and women in the military fighting for us and taking on tasks they have never even dreamed they would have to do. These kids have never been on a tour they don't know what hard work is. if they its hard to show up they don't know what they got themselves into. people are getting kicked out of this TRAINING COMMAND! every day by the bunches for things from not showing up, to underage drinking/ providing to underage kids, to rape! I hear about it DAILY! It seriously makes me sick to my stomach!!! Think about all of the men and women who actual did something were in the battles and risked/lost their lives!!! Do you think your a hero for making it through boot camp? no that does not make you a hero. You are a hero for doing your jobs and going above and beyond, taking your job seriously, and being willing to put it all on the line. Get your butts in gear and start being the heros you should be!


  1. that took heart to write! thank you to your husband the many men who are there to serve and protect!

  2. Thank you! it just makes me so mad these people want to be seen as heros even though they are hurting more then they are helping. They are leaving the other people in their battalions with fewer people to complete tasks when they are in america where it is easy how can they count on them when lives are at steak?