Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ring Ring Hello

I HATE IT When people are in a fight and super angry at each other. The gloves are off the issue is super heated about something really important, like the toilet paper being on the wrong we, and then the phone rings. They both look at the phone. The hand reaches for it and places it on their ear. Now comes the part I hate, they say in the sweetest voice, "hello.... oh how are you.... I am fine... No you didn't catch me at a bad time.... " All the while the other person is stomping their foot and you both are scowling ready to pounce as soon as they push the off button! So obnoxious!

1 comment:

  1. ok ... my mom use to do this... and it would drive me nuts... and now I am guilty most of the time too... but mom did say something that made sense... she said..."I'm not mad at the person on the phone, so they don't deserve to have me talk to them like I am... " I get that... but don't lie to the person... tell them it is a bad time, you are in the middle of something and need to call them back, don't get them involved, but don't lie either!