Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wash Rinse Repeat if needed

How many times do we have to tell people the same thing! We can say it in different ways and they always say the same thing after your rant. Some way or another they say they will change whatever it is or they will do better, try harder, be nicer, think more about your feelings, include you. Whatever the situation entails. What is the deal with that? I know it is mostly women saying this and the men who don't listen, don;'t take this the wrong way men. Why do you think the stereotypical problems in relationships is the woman is a nag and the men don't listen.
I am really really trying to not be a "nag" with my husband but sometimes it gets so frustrating hinting at things and reminding gently when it isn't working and i know it is annoying when i repeat myself to both of us! I do not like doing it at all! I do not want to be a nag! A couple of weeks ago we both got better about this on both sides! Although i think it is because He is willing to listen and gave me permission to remind him and he wouldn't get mad so i don't have to get angry. He also has permission to tell me when i am being a "nag."
This doesn't only have to do with significant others it has to do with everyone! children, coworkers, friends, parents, we are all guilty!

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