Sunday, September 27, 2009

yip yip yip

ok so this has been bothering me the last lets see i think my mom got her dogs 10 or so years ago... ok well why do people get little annoying yipping dogs.. they don't even bark they do a high pitched whine at EVERYTHING! Well i thought i got away from it but y next door neighbors have 3!!! THREE!!!!!! All day and all night ear piercing yipping and yapping going on.. my kids cant sleep i cant sleep and we have 3 very cranky people in my house right now! 4 when my hubby is home! I a too nice to go over there especially since thy are partiers and always have very intimidating people over and i don't know i have heard horror stories of people jut going over and asking a neighbor something and they get found in pieces in the lake behind their house and we like on a lake... eek. should i call the humane society o give them a warning or what? They are always drunk with a bunch of people over. But i cant deal with a cranky mean 2 year old... AHHH Make it stop! If you cant control your dogs you shouldn't have the your neighbor deserve peace in ere own house

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