Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yellow Sun Glasses

Some say i do not have mommy style, I wear funky colors and strange clothes every day. Here are some examples of my EVERYDAY clothes and i love every minute of it!
I love the converse i cried when they became unwearable.
Johna Feets, Johna Feets, Do the beats, with your Johna Feets!
My footsie PJ's (they glow in the dark!)
My Yellow Sun Glasses! <3
One of my favorite shirts (that i am wearing right now) that i made for the Pirates of the Caribbean midnight showing  as seen in the next picture which i am pregnant in! :)
I have so many other outfits and items that people say are not grown up but i think you should wear what you want and think looks good to you! If you want to wear polka dots and stripes GO FOR IT! If you are a good person and a wonderful mother it shouldnt matter what you are wearing on the outside (as long as it isnt vulger) then it is FINE! and all the power to you girl!


  1. Love them!!! <3 <3 <3 Love you too Vicki!! =]

  2. you go girl!!! I love your style!