Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are People Impatient

Nothing is fast enough, the freeways, red lights, school, work, waiting rooms, commercials (even when fast forwarding them), cooking our food, loading a web page, time, the list goes on and on.
The funny thing is most of the things took even longer long ago. We now have microwaves for our food, the funny thing is we still take the food out a few seconds before the beep, then instead of letting it sit the minute or two we eat it and burn ourselves because we couldn't get it fast enough. The speed limit gets raised but we still see how much we can push the limit to get to our destination a few minutes earlier. We see a light turning yellow and floor it so we wont have to wait at a red light. We used to sit there while our dial up Internet would take sometimes minutes to pull up a web page, now if it takes 10 seconds it isn't fast enough. We are wanting it all and we want it NOW! I am definitely guilty of this. Yesterday I had the thought for this blog because I myself took my food out of the microwave two seconds before it was done, i couldn't wait those two extra seconds out of the minutes i was saving from using the microwave instead of the stove for my quesadilla? It was pretty silly of me. Do you have any other examples?

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