Thursday, August 13, 2009

Should all jobs allow men to take paternity leave

I believe so. It is very difficult as a new mom, in pain and exhausted to get the rest you need and care for the new little bundle of joy. Fathers also need that bonding time, women have an automatic maternal instinct men have to work for it, that is why there are so many more fathers that leave the families to "start over" then mothers. It is also why mothers usually have the majority custody in divorce. I am glad they give military men paternity leave because many tie they will become disconnected from their kids and they need all of the bonding they can get. I believe it should be this way in the mainstream work, all men need it.
I can't even begin to explain how much the mother needs someone there to help and it is best if it is the father. The way society is now that women work and share the same responsibilities as men in this world so why should only the woman care for the new child? Especially after all of the work they just did, the nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor (whether or not she had an epidural it still hurts.) Please listen to her and help her it is a very emotional time.

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