Monday, October 26, 2009

Age =/= Wisdom

The saying "respect your elders" makes me question a lot of people. Wisdom is attained by those who live there life to its potential. Those who learn from their, and other's, mistakes. Those who use the negative along with the positive to better themselves. When they see someone going through an experience they try to help those people whether it is being there for them or giving them insite. They may, or may not, be the smartest people when it comes to book knowledge, that is not the key to wisdom. Have you known anyone who has a lot of older friends (i am not meaning the 21those in high school hanging with the 21 year olds in order to party, i mean those who are real friends with those 5, 10, 15, 30 years older then themselves. They were usually those who got along well with friends of their parents.
On the flip side i know so many people older than me that i have completely lost respect for. Some are mean, angry, negative, immature, do not learn from their mistakes, and some cant think for themselves. It really hurts me and makes me lose respect for those who use other peoples negative experiences against those who went through them.
Being wise is a decision you make in every situation. Wise people seek out other wise people that they can learn from. They many times choose to not make choices thy already saw go badly. They surround themselves with people who they can learn from and who will be honest with them. They ask people to keep them accountable.
Wise people are generally smart but smart people are not all wise.
Do you know anyone like this?

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