Sunday, October 25, 2009

I dont want you... but i dont want anyone else to have you!

why do we do this to ourselves. It starts as children, we aren't playing with a toy.. in fact it is a toy we don't even like very much. Another child starts eying the object abandoned on the floor, you drop the much cooler more interesting toy you were paying with, the other child reaches for the toy, you begin to freak and cant get over there fast enough to snatch the toy out from the other kids hands.
it evolves through our tween to teen years into the opposite sex. You date someone have tons of fun and slowly drift app art, soon you don't even look forward to seeing them anymore. You decide to call it quits. months go by (for some people days) and you found someone much more suited for you. Your out on a date with that person a you see the ex... WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!! How dare they! what do they see in him/her. What makes them better then me? He/she isn't even that good looking. All you can think about is your ex and hating the person who "replaced" you completely ruining your date with the person who actually wants to be there with YOU.
I've been guilty of this sad to say. I have also been the receiving end while my boyfriend watches his ex who has "moved on". this causes pointless wounds, the two of you broke up for a reason and you and your significant other are together for a reason. we need to focus on bettering what we have rather than envying what we don't even want.

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