Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mother vs me

Must they really butt heads can the ME part of mommy (mom me) come out. can i advance myself as an individual and still be a good mom. I think it IS what makes a great mom. It is near impossible to be the best mom you can be for your whole family without doing things for yourself. Up until today i have felt guilty doing ANYTHING for myself, feeling like i was being selfish, getting a babysitter to go to the store i rushed forgetting half of my list to not be gone from them and feeling guilty having fun doing "me" things. I ignored my priorities and only focusing n what my kids wanted or needed. This made me grouchy, tired, resentful, and exhausted which in turn makes everyone cranky in the house which feeds my fire. it was all put in perspective for me today and it will take time to no longer feel guilty at all but it has taken a HUGE load off my shoulders and mind. I feel oddly at peace.

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