Sunday, November 8, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I love My Bissell Little Green Machine! Having three boys in my house it has gotten blood, wine, jelly, mud, juice, and many other things out of my carpet. It is SO worth the money! Mmmm it is a sad day when there is no milk in the fridge. I love milk, i think it is because of my dad, when i was little he would make me drink a glass of milk at every meal, now it feels weird not to. We go through a lot of milk in my house. Another favorite of mine is PLAY DOUGH! ahh i love the feeling squishing it in my hands and creating things. If i mess up i can start over. Te smell is so good too, just brings me back to being a kid and playing with my friend Stephanie every time i smell it.
Scarves!!! It is the only reason i like the cold! I get to layer and wear big fluffy scarves! :) In the summer i like the light little scarves you wear on you head or around you neck which brings me back to my moms convertible.

For more of my favorite things check out my youtube i will be posting it later today

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