Monday, November 9, 2009


I do not know a single person that Honestly does not feel any guil or shame, especially moms. I deal with it daily. I should not have fed him that? Why did i yell at him? I shouldn't need me time!
The truth is we put way too much time and effort into feeling guilty that is stresses everyone out and gives you more to feel guilty for. I am reading a great book called "The Guilt That Keeps on Giving." The author asks a question that sounds so simple but when you try to answer it, it is so hard. "What do you NOT feel guilty for?" hmmm... i put the book down, could it really be that hard to answer? We think so negatively bout ourselves that it becomes so hard to think of just a couple things we do right. I went on in the book and gave a few examples which made it a LITTLE easier to think of my own. Here is my list... it took a long time to come up with them and i copied a few from the book.
1. Making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my boys
2. Letting my son splash in the bathtub
3. dancing with my boys everyday!
4. Singing my son to sleep
5. reading to my boys
6. Praying with them and taking them to church
7. taking me time when i am feeling over stressed
8. giving my boys vitamins every day
9. being so close to my family
10. watching the same kid movies over and over
11. playing with play dough wish my oldest
12. baking for my family
13. date nights with my hubby

those are what i could think of right now.

You try it. post the things you do not feel guilty for in the comments. and have a wonderful day!

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