Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the point in the negative thinking?

In almost every person i know i have heard them moan and groan about their job and how they wish they could quit! I HAVE THE PERFECT THING TO SAY TO THEM NOW! "Do it then!" They usually respond (after a lonnnng pause) "I can't"
"Well, why not. If you are that miserable and you don't enjoy it then why stay?"
"Then i will be out of work and wont be able to find another job."
"So what you are saying is that if you quit you wont be able to find a better job? Well then doesn't that mean you have the best job that is attainable right now?? Why are you complaining, you should be thrilled!"

It stumps them... you should try it! It is a different way of thinking about things that will blow you mind! People need to stop focusing on all of the negative things going on in the world. The news rarely had happy stories! When is the front page of a magazine about GOOD things? We should all celebrate what we have, and share them with others who are feeling down! We need to encourage and support and show those who we love that we are there for them! we need to love those who are hard to love and also in doing so love ourselves! You will see the more you help others the more it will build you up (as long as you do it with a joyful heart!!! )

PS. The yamaclauses are selling great on here i will post another blog about it if you want to place an order just know if i do not have them already made it can take a couple of days to make them! but they are on the next page of blogs! I am having a lot of fun making them for you and the money is really helping! I will write a blog later about money difficulty but i am still thinking positive and know that everything will work out!

Thank you for reading! Also, remember to think positive and tell 3 different people how something you appreciate about them today! :)

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