Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missed Connections

Have you ever read on craiglist the missconnections section. Some of them are pretty funny. I wonder how many people get reconnceted and work out from that section. Here are some headlines from it...
"Arety's Angel" <----- which is a strip club close by (this guy must be high class :)
"Hot Fireman" <------ arent we all haha
"To ALL the women at _____ ____ last night" <----- this guy isnt picky haha
"cute bald guy" <--- I don't know why that was funny
"met you at peg leg" <---- hmmm
"You were walking around the neighborhood" <----creepy
"You were mowing your lawn" <----- to this girl he was probably the one that kept driving by really slow in the van with no wondows in the back... same with the one before this haha.
They are mostly men, there is most likely a reaso the didnt talk to you when they had the chance haha! I wonder if anyone ever looked for me on here :)
I dont know if any of you watch one tree hill but these remind em of the guy that pretended to be peytons brother! i wouldnt respond (if i was single) unless i remember him as well and he was someone i wanted to remember.
Do you see any funny or creepy ones in your hometown.

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