Monday, January 18, 2010


Rudeness is a huge problem in our world today. I think it has become a way of ignoring your own social awkwardness and hiding your insecurities. I caught some of the Tyra Show today about people guilty of being rude. Here are a few…
Texting constantly, this one I find very rude. When you are with someone I believe you should put your attention into that person. Talking to other people while with someone (unless it is important) is also rude. If you need to take a call make it quick and let that person know you are with someone else.
This is one that bothers me that was not on the show, criticizing someone AFTER THE FACT. There are helpful ways of telling someone something. What I mean by this is, lets say you are at the mall with your friend and you notice their fly is down and you get back into the car after and say, “your zipper has been down all day.” Not helpful. Another is telling someone what they should have done differently! They can not go back and change it now so will they get out of you telling them this? They are most likely already beating themselves up over that situation and going through the ‘shoulda coulda wouldas.’
Eating off of other people’s plates. This one was actually something Tyra Banks herself does. I find it extremely rude unless you have permission from that person. I don’t know where your fingers have been and I definitely do not want them in my mouth.
Space invaders make me so uncomfortable. Do you know someone who doesn’t know the meaning of personal space? They talk in your face; you can smell their breath and feel their spit. It is just not pleasant.
Picking your nose! Eww I do not want to see that. Of course we all need to do it sometimes but use a tissue and go into the bathroom. Not in the middle of a restaurant. Also please don’t wipe it on things! People do not want to touch that.
Road rage is another extremely rude behavior that I have written about before. The people in the car do not need you yelling at them and the people in the other car can’t hear you. Besides the fact most of the time you just did the same thing to someone else and you think it is stupid and get mad at the people that are pissed off at you. Road rage only really hurts yourself and causes stress that you don’t need.
What are some rude behaviors that you have or people you know do that bother you?


  1. I despise texting while your fellowshiping with others. I was at a function during the holidays. I was amazed at how many people all had there phones a going during it. Everywhere I looked. They will even be texting and trying to carrying on a conversation. Or doing it under the table. I mean for real...... rude.

  2. it is very rude! it is showing that that conversation is more important than the function you are at and that person is more important than those around you who are bothered by them. the only time it is ok is if you have your kids with a babysitter and are checking your phone and an occasional update on the kids but you wouldn't be texting the babysitter constantly and the majority of those texting are not mothers.