Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Military Life

When people say it is the life we chose so deal it hurts. You chose to have children or get into your cruddy job jet you complain to us nonstop. Your boyfriend chose to leave for a weekend and you can complain to me yet i can be sad my husband leaves for months with hardly any communication. Yes we chose this but it does not make it easy! we need friends around that are OK with that, friends that support us. i love the military life i have little to complain about but between my husbands 16 hour work days and the things he has to get done on his "days off" i feel like a single mom. i say days off loosely because lately he has been going in on those days as well. i feel sorry for him i really do and out marriage needs some days as well. he is exhausted when he gets home and i am proud of him for how much he is working and look up to him for his sacrifices for our family. it is just hard being the single parent without a car. we are trying to save up for second car right now but it is hard. i want to be able to go to work to help but with his schedule and the lack of a car or funds for childcare it is next to impossible. i am really hoping my pole dancing lessons and sales from my custom clothing and my new chair (that will launch in a couple of weeks) will help out our family!
sorry for the long rant lol i truly am a happy person!

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