Monday, March 1, 2010

SEX- caution aspects of this blog may be explicit!

Get rid of the excuses. If you are married the times when you feel like saying no and making excuses those are the times when you as a couple need it! Sex is meant to be in your marriage take that time and it actually helps with the exact things you complain about. you will get better sleep, be more relaxed, and will bring you closer together emotionally and physically.
If you aren't feeling very close and that is why you don't want to do it! what gets you closer than exploring each others bodies! Do not be afraid to experiment an make it fun together, you will learn so much about each other. Also do not be scared to talk about your wants and needs in bed. communicate, 9 times out of 10 he wants to hear those things! Go to the shop together and pick out lingerie or a new toy.
GUYS girls want your opinions and want you to tell them what you want to see them in.
Have fun!
We are called to be one flesh and the missionary position is not the only one! As a Christian woman i want to be the best lover i can. Do research find different things to surprise him with.
for example- surprise him with some oral, but instead of the usual put a vibrator against your cheek! he wont know what hit him. try different lubes and toys! see what works for you! but remember it is not a replacement for him it is for you to use together!
dress up, bring a little role playing into the bedroom. you can make just about anything sexy. Be a Dr, a student, the teacher, a pirate, a zookeeper, just be out of the ordinary. :) i have a lot of costumes and love wearing them. it is easier for me to be more wild if i am not "me"
buy a new game! that way you don't have to come up with the ideas the game will tell you what to do. they are fun but make a deal that it is ok to skip things if uncomfortable.
try something new! it can be an all the time thing it doesn't have to be saved for a special occasion!
check out for some ideas and gifts! it is the shop i work for. we do home parties and you can just come in but you don't have to shop there i just want you to have a good relationship and get close and know it is OK!


  1. You seriously just gave me an idea with the vibrator & cheek thing & I'm trying it tonight.

    My husband thanks you in advance.

  2. no problem! he wont know what hit him! :)
    i am glad it helped someone!