Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Should Be FUN!

Have fun with your family! Go places that you have always wanted to and make adventures out of everything ! If you get lost make it fun, explore where you are and make jokes about it! Don't be afraid to act like a kid when out and about. You get one life, so live it to the fullest!
I want people to remember me as fun, caring, a great listener, and loving.
Now of course you need to be able to discern the right time from the wrong when it comes to having fun and not taking things to seriously. There are many situations that will come up in every one's life that are very serious and friends that need someone to just listen and be there. I am talking about every day life and little bombs that go off in life, from being lost to tripping and falling.
I make my house kid friendly so there arent very many no's here because there are enough no's when we go out and about so we can just have fun. I make jokes when i change their diapers (boppers) I splash with them in the bath tub, I dance with them daily, I make fun snacks for them and non of this makes you a super parent but it takes so much stress off of your shoulders and helps you actually LIVE LONGER and be a much more liked person.
Your homework- when one of those little bombs goes off in your life (whether you burn dinner or someone cuts you off on the freeway) make light of it, laugh about it. You are alive and well and you have dinner to burn or a car to be cut off. Find the good things in life! 

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