Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brother Chris

I am going to write a blog about each of my siblings just because i love them! 
Chris is my only FULL biological sibling! The above picture is from 6 years ago!  He is a very honest and caring! When we were younger he was a bit of a booger but now we get along VERY well! We are 21 months apart (i am older)
He works on a TV show in the film department in a HUGE show called "Quilt in a Day" YEAH! :) He is going to college right now and is REALLY good at filming and editing and getting really good at acting! I am very proud of him!
He has a really sweet girlfriend who i love and they better get married because i dont think another Sister in Law can compare! :) the picture to the left is of them! AWWW!
We have had many ups and downs but he is still there and i love him TONS! :)


  1. Awww this whole thing made me smile. Thank you for mentioning me!!!

  2. AWWWW... Mine better be this nice...

  3. I love you both!!! So glad that you have become such good friends!