Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sister Jessica!

She is so amazing! She is caring and love to take care of the underdog. Someday she will make an amazing mother (even if it is just to snakes) -inside joke!!
She moved out and made it on her own at a young age, she is beautiful and intelligent and great with people. She and I have had some fun times together!
The picture to the left is when we got LOCKED in our room on the Mexico cruise for about 12 hours!!! We didnt care until the morning because we thought the door was just sticking but the dead bolt got STUCK in the door and they had to take the whole door off the hinges to get us out! So we spent 1/3 of our cruise stuck in our room lol while I tried to calm everyone down outside and inside our room! lol but I am glad it was her i was locked away with!
We also went to school together and my sister Jessica LOVES to jump in puddles! One day after dance class she was jumping in puddles in her ballet slippers. When my mom asked her why she said, "I didnt want to get my chucks dirty!" She always knows how to make a room smile! I LOVE HER!
One time we went to 6 Flags and she had hurt her knee beforehand and i had to push her in a wheelchair all over the place! (at least we got to go on Goliath a bazillion times) :) She is a charmer and an all around awesome person! If you are looking for a friend that will not stab your back she is the most loyal friend you can have! :)

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  1. She is definately one in a million... glad that I had the opportunity to have her call me 'mom'