Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My issues

Right now i am having a lot of medical issues the doctors cant seam to figure out. When i was in labor with my youngest son the almost lost me, out of nowhere my blood pressure dropped really low like in the 70s... then they got me back in the 90s but then out of nowhere again it went to 50/20 and they didn't know why. So most of my pictures that are supposed to be happy i am wearing an oxygen mask. I would rather be alive then have cute hospital pictures though :)
Ever since then i will have random times doesn't matter what I an doing that I will lose my vision, it starts out as little dots then goes completely black! when this i had a mild chest pain. Now the chest pain is unbearable and it happens every couple of days. They think it is my hear, I think it is my lung. But no arguing with the doctors. My body I guess just doesn't take well to pregnancies.
The first one they left placenta in me so I bled for 4 moths! woohoo and had a REALLY bad infection and I couldnt get the doctor to check me! I also was hit in the stomach by the bio dad while i was pregnant and put on bed rest fir the first pregnancy. I was on bed rest the second pregnancy because i started going into early labor! i think that the problems now are definitely linked because that's when they started... any input?

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