Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why must wives respect their husband?

Why in the bible does it say for a man to Love his wife and a woman to Respect her husband?

It is because the opposite comes natural. Men have respect for those around them love however is not natural, when things get tough they run. Love is a choice like i said in my other blog post. For women love comes easiest, we nurture, we care for, and we comfort. Respect is harder for us. Giving up of our feelings and thoughts to respect our husband. We like being respected but we do not respect our husbands decisions as much as we should, we take things into our own hands and are RIGHT! I do definitely struggle with this! I have the love part down but respect its something we don't understand. We need to listen and hear what he says, take it into consideration, be able to walk in his shoes. It is not that we need to bow down to his very whim that is not respect and that is not respect and that is not love on his part. It is our job to show them how to love and their job to show us how to respect therefore we both love and respect each other. If you haven't heard of Pam and Bill Farrel the have some great books to help you understand this. If you are in the beginning of marriage or thinking about getting married a great book by them is "The First Five Years" another is one that shows you how the other thinks and feels called "Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti" They are great books! The Love Dare which i talked about in the other blog about love is another amazing tool to learn how to show love and respect to your spouse whether you are male of female! Christian or not! the principals are all the same.

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