Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pornography... Hot fantasy or a Relationship ruiuner

Should it be illegal. how many lives has it ruined? How many marriages are torn apart? How many children's hands need to get on it? When has pornography ever been productive for anyone besides the person making money off of it. It causes emotional issues for the people in the videos and on the person watching. It doesn't allow for proper emotional connection with others and is extremely addicting. It even takes away your ability (for a male) to be able to get it up so to say, after a while. It leads to expectations in others that cannot be fulfilled. It is can be a very expensive habit when it comes to your wallet. If you have been in a novelty shop like most Americans have you have seen the price tags on these. But it is now even easier to get ah old of, it is in almost every house in America, a stream to "live" shows, your Internet. Pop ups come up all the time, advertisements on the side of your favorite harmless website. Enticing you, drawing you in, "do you want to see more?" "No one is watching" "its just this once" "what is the harm?" The harm is its ALWAYS just this once. It is never an "Addiction." You find yourself saying "no i don't want to go out I am busy" When all you are doing is spending time with imaginary people. People you will never meet and have no interest in you! Just your wallet. You think this girl has relationships, do you think she enjoys the sex, its fulfilling her? She is an actress, she knows what to say and how to say it to make you believe. Look at your relationships with other people. If you ever say no i am busy but the things you are busy with you are embarrassed to tell them why you cant go out then it is an addiction and in your heart you KNOW it is wrong. If people wont "understand" it is because you know they shouldn't. Think of the people who find you important, and those you should find important!

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