Tuesday, August 11, 2009


They are thinking about making it against the rules to smoke in all military branches. I think this is a great idea. The health risks are now known and proven, there is nothing productive about it. In the military you are considered government property and they do not want their property harmed. It is your choice to join, you know that they can make you do whatever they want. The rules are much much harsher on you than general laws. If you read up most of the punishments are death for disobeying their rules. That doesn't mean that they use this in excess.
Smoking can lead to lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots, and if this happens then they will have to pay your medical bills which didn't have to happen in the first place if the person in the military had not smoked. Cigarettes are also becoming increasingly more expensive and it would be more beneficial for hem to be cut out of the budget. I see it as an extremely selfish and rude habit.
When i was pregnant (noticeably) i was at sea world, San Diego, and was sitting on a nonsmoking bench and three guys came up and sat right next to me and started smoking. I asked them to stop or leave and pointed out i was pregnant and this was a nonsmoking bench. They said they had the right to smoke wherever they wanted and i said that i had the right to breath fresh air whenever i want. It is a good thing pregnant women are scary because they put them out and left. :) But many times people just light up right next to people without asking if the people around them mind or finding a secluded place. I was sitting there first i had a right to sit there and breathe. I also am allergic to cigarette smoke i break out in a rash and my face breaks out when i am around those who smoke, more people are then people want to realize. My oldest son is the same way.
Society leads smoking to be sexy but what is sexy about stinky clothes and breath? What is sexy about being sick and coughing, throat cancer has never turned me on.

If you are a smoker reading this I do not have a problem with you, just think and be considerate of the people around you!

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