Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Before I moved to the South I had NEVER looked at another race as another species. They were never different from me. But now when i am nice to " them" i get questioned on my intentions when they are strictly honorable so that makes me looks at "them" as a "them" which I NEVER did before. And then I feel guilty because they aren't a "they" I don't know what to do. It makes me feel like i am being racist when I am not. It is really sad, if only people wouldn't have messed this whole thing up! We are people, we live and breath and bleed. Our hearts long for the same things, I just don't understand the whole racism thing. What is race, why do we look different? Well it is because people adapt to their surroundings, Asians have slanted eyes because of the high winds and cold in Asia, Africans have darker skin for the heat and amount of sun in Africa, whites really are the most vulnerable to our surroundings. We are the most fragile to wind and sun therefore should we be inferior to the other races because we are less evolved?

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